Finding, photographing, identifying, researching, and writing about CURIOUS CRITTERS would not be possible without much help.

I am grateful, first of all, for my family's assistance. My wife Olivia, a biologist, state park naturalist, librarian, mother, and infinitely supportive spouse, encourages me daily in my pursuit of all things Critterious. My daughter Sarah has been responsible for finding many of the creatures that I photograph: the broad-necked root borer, which she found while I was mowing one hot summer evening, is definitely her favorite. And I take great joy when my younger daughter, Phoebe, toddles to my studio chair, climbs upon my lap, excited to see more Curious Critters. I love how she identifies each snake - 'NAKE!

Thank you to my parents, Mick and Judy, who instilled in me a respect for animals and a desire to share the curious characteristics of animals with others. And thanks to my two brothers, Tom and Jim - and the rest of their families, Leslie, Kate, and Lizzy and Billy and Stephen - who helped me develop the book's concept and edit much of its content. Thank you to Olivia's mother, Eva, as well as my wife's sister, Jeanie, and her family, Scott, Jacob, and Daniel. It's great to have so many family members willing to help review the latest animal images not to mention reading what the Critters had to say during their photos shoots. Seeming like family, thanks to my friends Matt Mitchell and Bruce Carlson.
Golden hamster photo from the Curious Critters series by photographer and writer David FitzSimmons.
Thank you to my professional dream-team: Dave Metz, Marketing, Sigma Corporation of North America; Peter Beren, publishing consultant; Iain Morris, designer; Donna Linden, Amy Novesky, and Lisa Kirk, editors; Jacqueline Simonds, publishing consultant, distributor; Lorna Garano, publicist; Paul Krupin, publicist; and all the crew at Wild Iris Publishing.

Many others helped in such a variety of ways. Thanks to the these friends, professionals, and organizations: Steve McKee, Marti Maas, Julie Zickefoose, David Wiesenberg, Kristin Stanford, George Keeney, Dick Stoffer, Mason Posner, Steven Fenster, Roger Thoma, Eric Eaton, Bill Belzer, Merrill Tawse, Sue Seibert, Stanley Gehrt, Gary Hater, Greg Lipps, Andy Odum, Val Hornyak, Andi Norma, Cynthia Condit, Jim Atkinson, Katie Allodi, Drew Hendrix, Mark Astmann, Diane Schreck; Sigma Corporation of North America, NEC, Lowepro, Red River Paper, Lastolite, Beagle Bay, Ashland University, Matter Communications, Gorman Nature Center, Brukner Nature Center, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and The Toledo Zoo.

And thanks to Brett Mitchell for his beautiful work in programming this web site.

CURIOUS CRITTERS: Broad-necked root borer beetle (right); Golden hamster (left); Neon blue gecko (bottom).
Neon blue gecko photo from the Curious Critters series by photographer and writer David FitzSimmons.